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Dr. Angela Thibeaux

Apostle Angela Thibeaux, is an experienced conference speaker, entrepreneur, and mentor. Angela has been in ministry for 16 years and is known for speaking to the leader or potential leader in everyone she meets. If given a chance there will be no untapped resources left in anyone she works with. Angela functions in the office of an Apostle; has the heart of a Pastor; speaks with the clarity of a Teacher; has the revelation of a Prophet and preaches with the passion of an Evangelist. She presents the Gospel and the Cross, as our place of commission and rest. Her messages challenge listeners to open their hearts and minds to the mission of Christ, which is to reconcile the world to Himself.

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Prework Curriculum

"Dr. Angela Thibeaux taught me to BREATH again in my own way. Through her life, her words, and her actions she showed me that I was enough! She identified me in the midst of all the internal confusion I was in and covered me when I was naked. She lives love out loud and on purpose. She gave me my safe place!"